Skanska Panelstories

Interactive exhibition

Do you know what greywater, clean energy or an bugs hotel is? You will find the answer at the interactive exhibition for schoolchildren and adults called Skanska Panelstories. Stop by and get to know the story of the green building.

Water, biodiversity, waste, energy.

These are global topics that are among the priorities in the current context of human coexistence with their surroundings.

We as Skanska not only identify with them with regard to our values, but deal with them today and every day as part of our construction. In the long term, we strive to streamline the use of natural resources and reduce the level of environmental pollution. We want to provide people with a quality living environment and give them a safe home.

A total of six Skanska Panelstories will make the public acquainted with the topic of environmentally friendly construction in general, as well as with water conservation, including the gray water system we are implementing, with energy sources or with more efficient use of materials and threatening biodiversity. The last panel is dedicated to home and construction safety. Everything important can be found in a nutshell here, where you can also try some interesting experiments yourself. You'll understand why we do it all ...

Care for life

For one vision of work or social opportunities, for the second fulfillment of the dream of life - the trend of moving to cities. This is also related to the increased demand for modern housing. In order to survive in the 21st century, new flats must reflect the principles of sustainable and sustainable construction.


It is one of the basic components of the environment. It covers most of the surface of our planet. Animals and plants can do without its intake for a limited time. Water is life. So why do we forget so often?

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Man is a material creature and likes to surround himself with things. But what to do with them if they fulfill their purpose or serve them? Certainly, prolonging the life or re-use of a product is many times more beneficial than its disposal. 


A modern type of a human would deserve the word “comfortable” in addition to “reasonable”. A life without heat, light or entertainment electronics is hard to imagine. But energy sources are not inexhaustible ...


Nature is like a children's puzzle. For everything to work and life on earth to evolve, the individual pieces must fit together. The natural wealth of our planet is the most precious thing we have.

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There is a place where we feel realy safe - at home. But security is not only related to housing itself, it starts at the very beginning, in the construction phase. The more it takes care of order, the more it translates into the quality of our future living.

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