Greywater recycling technology

The system takes used water from sinks, baths and showers and reuses it especially for toilet flushing. If greywater from these sources is not enough, the system will supplement it with captured rain or drinking water. In the Botanica K project where we installed the system, residents saved 26% of drinking water consumption.

You know that...?

The average Prague citizen flushes 25 liters of drinking water a day in the household, which is 9,125 liters per year, which is similar to the amount you consume in 91 baths.

If all new apartment owners in the Botanica K project behaved like an average Prague citizen, they could save around 3,820 liters of drinking water every day.

Annually this amount represents an incredible 13,961 to the edge of the impregnated bathtubs. This is the amount of drinking water that would provide daily relaxation to one person for 38 years, 3 months and 1 day.

Greywater recycling technology in the Botanica project