There is a place where we feel really safe - at home

But safety is not only related to living itself, it starts at the very beginning, in the construction phase. The more it takes care of order, the more it translates into the quality of our future living.

You know that...?

healthcare facilities treat 350,000 injured children a year and 32,000 of these injuries end up in hospital?

The most common type of injury is a fracture of the forearm; Dropouts per head are very common at the earliest children´s age.

in case of an accident with bleeding, the dimensions of the tourniquet play an important role in first aid?

It should be 5 to 6 cm wide and long so that you can wrap it around the bleeding limb several times. Place the tourniquet over the victim's sleeve or leg to prevent soft tissue damage. Also, be sure to note the time you choked the wound.

indoor air contains more than 170 documented substances that can have a negative impact on human health?

They come from building materials, furniture, carpets, as well as air fresheners, cleaning products, prints and electronics.

What a responsible company does

  • It complies with the measures stipulated by Czech standards, ie it places fire extinguishers in garages and smoke detectors in the corridors of each new apartment and installs outlet protectors in the bathrooms.

  • It offers above-standard security technologies, such as so-called panic fittings in garages, which allow people to escape safely from the building. The door fitted with this fitting can be opened at any time in the event of an emergency, even during a power failure in security systems. Another example is a key vault located on the facade, which is used for controlled entry of fire brigade rescue units of the Czech Republic into the building. Firefighters open the vault door with their key and get to the object keys.

  • It does not forget families with children - for example, it installs scissor fittings in windows that allow it to be locked in any open position (measures not only against drafts but also to prevent children from falling out of the windows).

  • It uses technology related to property protection, such as entrance security door to the apartment on a code or chip, security glass and lockable window handles on the ground floor apartment buildings, camera system monitoring common areas, etc.

Safety comes first

Safety doesn't stop there, at least not for us in Skanska. In the area of health protection we offer our clients a number of solutions and do not forget the trends. In the project Romance F in Prague - Uhříněves, for example, we built 25 new separate parking spaces for vehicles powered by gaseous fuels (LPG / CNG). Due to the increased demands on hygiene and fire safety, we have supplemented them with sensors for detecting gas concentrations, emergency signaling and more efficient ventilation.