We care
for life

A company that cares about culture knows how to handle resources efficiently and respectfully, creating a space where people will be happy to live for generations to come. We only have one planet, one source of materials and energy. And it’s up to us how we treat it and how we pass it on to our children.

New generation housing

We naturally incorporate new technologies into new residential neighbourhoods that contribute to energy efficiency, sustainability and comfort. We innovate living methods, working practices, materials. We involve start-ups, experienced professionals, patent and pass on our experience. We then monitor the performance of the technologies over the long term and evaluate the data. 

Respect for resources implies reducing consumption and recycling. We use both - we recycle water and building materials. We draw energy from the sun and other renewable sources. We are building a blue-green infrastructure. We don't forget habitat creation features - shelter and food for small animals, birds and insects.

Environmentally friendly


Rebetong, 100% recyclable concrete developed by ERC-Tech and Skanska, uses processed construction rubble instead of natural stone. It can even process brick rubble, a recyclable that has been underutilized in construction until now.


CO2 savings with Rebetong instead of standard concrete


natural stone savings with crushed construction rubble in Rebetong

From our studies

What do you picture when you hear the phrase “sustainable housing”? 




plenty of greenery


healthy housing