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Albatros Kbely 4

The fourth phase of the successful project will be adjacent to a large park, while playgrounds and workout areas will also be completed.

The residential buildings in the fourth phase of the Albatros Kbely residential project will offer a total of 142 new homes, in which we have designed quality layouts that meet the strict criteria of the international BREEAM quality and sustainable building certification.

In line with BREEAM certification, the project is interwoven with a number of blue-green infrastructure features and technologies. The streets are lined with trees, with a park lawn interspersed between the houses and a flowery meadow. To support biodiversity, we are installing a beetle hive, bumblebee hides and amphibian walls.


If you head east along Vinohradská Street and then along its extended arm, Černokostelecká Street, you will arrive at a place in Malešice where new housing by Skanska will be built in the future in an unexpected secluded location.

The apartments here will offer maximum comfort, from the higher buildings you will have Prague and the green roofs of other buildings in the palm of your hand, from the lower floors you will see the green park.

We will replace the original industrial brownfield with a sustainable residential district that will excite all those looking for housing with cost-effective features such as water recycling, photovoltaics and photothermal, green and blue infrastructure in the public space and a rich community life. 

Čtvrť Emila Kolbena 3

We have collaborated with Jakub Cigler Architects on the final form of the buildings in the third phase. The public space is being designed by renowned landscape architects Flera and will feature community beds, an outdoor gym, and plenty of greenery, including elements to support biodiversity. 

As in the previous stages, we also named the houses in this stage after members of Emil Kolben's family. You will meet here Frantiska, Emil Kolben's mother, Joachim, his father, and Ludwig, Emil Kolben's brother.

The houses in the third phase of the Emil Kolben district will offer a total of 277 new homes in which we have designed high-quality layouts that meet the strict criteria of the international BREEAM quality and sustainable building certification.

Visitors to the public spaces of the Emil Kolben Quarter will find the navigation system, which includes the distinctive Emil Kolben columns, easier to navigate. These modern sculptures, designed by the LAND05 studio in collaboration with artist Matěj Hájek, will link all stages of the project while providing a link to the site's industrial past.

Radlický dřevák

177 residential units will be built in a trendy location near the Radlická metro station. The project will boast a number of firsts, the most important of which is the use of wood in structures, facades and interiors.

Radlický dřevák - vizualizace, nadhled

Housing at Radlicka targets connoisseurs who, in addition to high quality design and superior materials, appreciate the value of technology and innovation. After all, wood is the material of the future, without which it will be difficult to achieve the carbon-free goals of our society.

Viladomy Park Cihelka

After the successful completion of three apartment buildings in Park Cihelka, we will expand our housing offer in the picturesque town of Libčice nad Vltavou with premium viladoms.

Each house can include three spacious apartment units with their own garden and terrace overlooking the Větrušické gorge. However, the flexibility of the entire project will allow the apartment units to be connected into larger units. In Park Cihelka you can buy a whole family house in the future.

The Viladomy Park Cihelka residential project will offer a total of 39 premium houses.


The new project will be built in the center of Loděnice in the Beroun district. In a location with good transport links to the center of Prague, we respond to the development of prices on the market and strengthen our offer in the segment of more affordable apartments.

On the 1.1 ha plot of land there were farm buildings in the past. Now we would like to offer quality terraced houses in the Skanska Livo style for people who are looking for quiet living on the western border of Prague, with good transport access to its centre.

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