We have created in Prague so far

over 8 000

new homes

for 21 000


and 4

projects in BREEAM quality

Our Values

The issues of environmental policy and social responsibility are crucial for us. In connection with them, we make sure that all our projects are created in accordance with the environment in which they grow up. Therefore, in recent years we have become a promoter of civic participation and cooperation with the public in the creation of new residential areas and their surroundings, but also during construction until its completion.

Skanska history

The original Swedish AB Skånska Cementgjuteriet was founded in 1887 by engineer Rudolf Fredrik Berg as a company specializing in the production of concrete decorative elements. Soon the company started to produce and produce raw materials for construction of various constructions (especially in the field of building, engineering and transport construction) and later also the construction itself.

The first foreign order was obtained in 1897 in Great Britain. Gradually expanded not only across the old continent, but also to the US and is currently one of the leading development and construction groups in the world. Today, Skanska operates in 11 countries and employs almost 57,000 people globally.

In 2000, Skanska AB entered the Czech market and bought a controlling stake in IPS, a.s. (Engineering and industrial buildings - formerly Zemstav). As a leading construction and development company, Skanska in the Czech Republic is engaged in 4 areas - construction (building and civil), residential, commercial and infrastructure development.

Principles of green building in Skanska

At Skanska, we apply the principles of greener construction. We strive to spend every minute of your time with your closest friends or friends in comfort and convenience.

Environmental policy Skanska Reality a.s.

We strongly believe that project preparation and construction can make a major contribution to the sustainable development principles. Skanska therefore supports proactive environmental management at all levels, from local to global. This approach can positively influence the main stakeholders, especially customers and suppliers.

Prohlášení k Politice udržitelnosti skupiny Skanska

From vanilla to deep green

Green building is one of our priorities.

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Greywater recycling - solution for the future.

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Using of rainwater in built-up areas

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Since 2020, we have been preparing all our new projects in the BREEAM certification standard, a method used to independently assess the quality and sustainability of buildings.

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Solar panels

Saves nature and wallet

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Species diversity of organisms and their environment tends to increase during evolution. Today, however, we are increasingly talking about its loss.

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Skanska Panelstories

Water, biodiversity, waste, energy. These are global topics that are among the priorities in the current context of human coexistence with their surroundings.

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