Modřanský cukrovar

Welcome to the first blue-green neighborhood in Prague.

Modřanský cukrovar is the first residential neighborhood in the Czech Republic that carefully manages its water, greenery and home culture. 

Sustainability runs through the entire development: its location on a brownfield site, recycled materials incorporated into the construction, and energy efficiency.

The apartments will be connected to green energy sources, with two water lines allowing a choice between drinking water and recycled water. The sun is also a valuable energy source and every drop of rainwater stays onsite.


The visualizations below are only illustrative and show not only possible standards, but also possible client changes.

Near the surviving chimney we created a new center defined by three buildings inspired by the original sugar refinery: two production halls and a filtration building. Their silhouettes recall the original buildings and historical legacy of the city, serving as an orientation point when viewing from afar and forming a natural piazza for the nearby areas including the adjacent Čechova čtvrť.
architects Ondřej Chybík and Michal Krištof from Chybik+Krištof Architects & Urban Designers

Blue-green development: where the planet doesn’t pay the price

Unique in the European context, Modřanský cukrovar focuses on sustainability, innovation and good relationships between neighbors. Some of the technologies used here will be making their premiere appearance in this country. All uses of new technology are carefully calculated and supported with numbers.

Video spots will show you how Modřanský cukrovar plans to cut housing costs.

Milestones of the project

Sale start

October 2021

Construction start

spring 2022

Shell & Core

winter 2023

Inner plaster

summer 2023


spring 2024

Move in date

summer 2024

Virtual reality  

Take a virtual tour of your new home at Modřanský cukrovar.

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Modřanský cukrovar is a place you can make a home. Apartment sales are limited to one apartment per owner. As a responsible developer, we have introduced this rule to help promote the project’s real purpose: building communities, neighborhoods and cohesion between people and nature.  

Proud to be
from Modřany

According to folk tales, Modřany was named for a blue floodplain flower. Historians say the name more likely comes from a statue of the Slavic goddess Morana that once stood on a burial ground here. What we do know for certain is that during the 19th century Modřany transformed from an agricultural village south of Prague to an important industrial center. The river always played a vital role in Modřany life as a major means of transport. In 1861 a sugar refinery opened on the banks of that river, playing its own role in the area for the next 140 years.
Today only remnants remain: the chimney and sugar loaf in the coat of arms for Prague 12.

Are you looking for a place for your business at Modřanský cukrovar?

The ground floors of the apartment buildings on Komořanská street and the piazza, which will be home to architecturally distinctive buildings with premium apartments, will provide up to 5000 m2 of commercial space for shops, services, bistros and restaurants, including a supermarket.

For more information see Retail Park Modřanský cukrovar

Modřanský cukrovar presented by
Martina Suchánková, project head

We draw inspiration from the past, but we do not try to go backwards. This location calls for a modern, sustainable residential development to bring the area back to life. At the same time, however, it allows us to work with local history and keep a number of elements such as the distinctive brick chimney. That and the river itself will attract the attention they deserve.
Petr Dušta, project manager, Skanska Reality

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