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Did you know that we spend up to 90% of our time in buildings?

And that not all interiors are suitable for long-term stay? This is caused by errors in heating, ventilation and high levels of harmful substances such as formaldehydes and other volatile substances.

In Skanska, we are aware of this issue, so we decided to test our Botanica K 1.2 project by an independent third party and we were the first developer in the Czech Republic to obtain the BREEAM certification. It is one of the most respected systems for assessing buildings from an environmental, social and economic point of view.


BREEAM certification will help you choose a healthy, poison-free apartment.

Our team of specialists is constantly working on new innovations and ways to improve the indoor and outdoor environment of the homes they build. The Botanica K 1,2 project has received the BREEAM certification at a high level Excellent, which also assesses the health and quality of the indoor environment.

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As important to BREEAM as the final quality and sustainability of the building is the management of the project itself - from the rigorous selection of contractors, who must respect the principles of considerate and responsible construction, to the care of clients in the post-occupancy period.
Lukáš Maděra, Sales and customer care director