Construction start of Čertův vrsek residence

The premium project with 39 luxury apartments seeks the international BREEAM certificate and will include a number of safety and sustainability features. Clients will be moving in in 2022. Skanska will make a total of 152 million SEK investment in the neighborhood.

The project aims for BREEAM, the trusted sustainability assessment and certification for buildings. As one of the first in the Czech residential sector, Certuv vrsek buildings will recover grey water and reuse for flushing the toilets, water will also be saved through rainwater collection system.

The five three storey buildings, naturally aligned with the surrounding villa development, will comprise of 39 exclusive apartments. Their main benefits are spacious layouts, top-quality materials, but above all unique views of Prague from the terrace or the balcony. Larger 3 and 4-bedroom apartments predominate in the project, yet there are three five-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​more than 120 m² spread over the entire floor. It is in these apartments that the new owner of luxury housing can install, for example, a private sauna or jacuzzi on the terrace.

The building comprises of several saving features. The management system of grey water, that will ensure reduction of drinking water consumption, is based on water from wash basins, bathtubs and showers getting cleaned in the technical room and returned to the circulation for toilet flushing. Solar panels placed on the roof will be used to heat domestic hot water. Extensive greenery is planted on the roofs, which contributes to the improvement of the microclimate in the locality.

Thanks to thorough insulation of the building envelope and high-quality triple-glazed windows, the buildings meet the low-energy standard with the energy performance certificate of building B - very economical. All residential units have recuperation, which helps to maintain a healthy indoor climate. To help supplement the increasing loss of natural habitats, biodiversity components including insect hotel and a bird bath fountain. 

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