Čtvrť Emila Kolbena - Alfred

Apartment - BA20202

Everyone has a disposition towards something. We have a disposition towards good living.

When designing layouts of each apartment, we always use our previous long-term experience, our own research and our customers' feedback . We consider changes in life-style as well as requirements of individual target groups so that we are able to deliver practical, modern living that is suitable for everyday life.

Number of rooms 3+kk
Location Prague 9, Vysočany
Project Čtvrť Emila Kolbena - Alfred




Apartment number


Number of rooms




Total area

77.0 m²

Residential area

72.0 m²



Move in date


Price incl. VAT

9 410 000 CZK


*Drawing mortgage loan is not possible on a garage or basement without a mortgage loan on an apartment. The information on this site are of informational character only, please contact a mortgage specialist for more detailed information.

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Price of the apartment: 9 410 000 CZK

If you decide to finance your apartment with a mortgage loan, we can offer you services of our partner HypoSka that provides complex financial support.

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