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and healthy housing ready
for the future

In the penultimate stage of the project, 66 new homes with a predominance of 2+kk and 3+kk layouts are designed in the Echo and Foxtrot apartment buildings.

Thanks to a more affordable price, they represent a good investment and at the same time ideal housing for couples and young families, for whom quality, well-thought-out layouts, and a healthy living space are important criteria. Larger families can choose from the offer of 4+kk apartments, located on the highest floors and also have a spacious terrace.

The area also includes a large park with playgrounds, elements of blue-green infrastructure and relaxation zones. Families with small children will appreciate the new Albatros Kindergarten, which we built for the Prague 19 - Kbely district in close proximity to the park. The Letňany metro station is only a 5-minute bus ride away.

Blue-Green Infrastructure

Works effectively with rainwater and greenery
in the public square of the Albatros Kbely district.

Echo and Foxtrot apartment buildings are characterized by the very low energy consumption of PENB - B buildings, which is 30% (Echo building) and 32% (Foxtrot building) more economical than the legislative standard. In addition, they meet the strict requirements of the BREEAM environmental certification, also thanks to the fact that they work with the concept of blue-green infrastructure and efficiently manage water and energy.

Residential project Albatros Kbely, Skanska Residential

In the new Albatros Kbely residential district, eleven apartment buildings are gradually growing, and with them also a rich public space full of greenery, a bike path, a barbecue and other places for relaxation and hanging out with friends.

Three children's playgrounds, a kindergarten or a supermarket for daily shopping will ensure the satisfaction of every parent. The quiet area will please everyone who is looking for a new home within easy reach of the city center and nature.

We pay great attention to the public space, which reflects the latest trends in the approach to working with the surrounding landscape. It is based on the concept of blue-green infrastructure, which works efficiently with water and greenery in public spaces.

In the new apartment buildings, we offer practically designed apartments with layouts from 1 + kk to 4 + kk, which meet modern standards and provide a healthy and well-lit environment. An undeniable advantage is the view of the vast park, which is adjacent to the local kindergarten. Apartments on the highest floors include spacious terraces that allow you to relax and enjoy outdoor seating with panoramic views. The other apartments are equipped with balconies, which, thanks to their depth, comfortably allow the placement of outdoor furniture. Ground floor apartments have a front garden where you can create your own private space with flowers, greenery and small play or relaxation elements.

Project development milestones

Sale start

May 2024

Construction start

October 2024

Shell & Core

September 2025

Inner plaster

December 2025


November 2026

Move-in date

December 2026

Virtual tour 

Take a virtual tour of Albatros Kbely 4 to get
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Michal Kubát, projektový manažer Skanska Residential
The Echo and Foxtrot apartment buildings, with their names referring to the aerial spelling alphabet, will offer economical housing that will work efficiently with solar energy, water and greenery in the public space. Two large parks with a total area of 21,000 m2 will be built in the vicinity, including playgrounds and elements to support biodiversity. Also thanks to the new kindergarten, the successful housing project Albatros Kbely is an ideal home for young families who want to have everything at their fingertips.
Michal Kubát, project manager, Skanska Residential a.s.

The art of living
in the right place

The quiet district on the northeastern outskirts of Prague does not deny its rural origin. At the same time, it draws all the advantages of a big city - transport accessibility, nearby shopping centres, plenty of sports facilities.

The new district bears the name of the legendary L-39 Albatros trainer aircraft, which is based in the nearby hangar of the Kbely Aviation Museum. The public space and individual apartment buildings also refer to the aviation theme. For the naming of the houses we were inspired by the international spelling alphabet used in aviation. See the gallery of the site and the location of the project on the map.

Project introduction


from 4.89%

Take advantage of the the service provided by our financial advisor to discuss the most advantageous ways of financing of a new apartment in the Albatros Kbely. In addition to a mortgage, which we are currently able to offer at a rate of around 4.9%, we can help you choose other options to secure a new home for your family.


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