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Three new eight-floors apartment buildings will rise in the background of an attractive district, in an area adjacent to the remains of the buildings of the original industrial area. These now dominate the view from the south side, from the higher floors the nearby Zahrádky Park can be seen.
Choose from low-energy housing with 1+kk to 5+kk layouts.

Čtvrť Emila Kolbena - bytové domy Kamila, Albína a Marie

In the latest phase of the project, there are 134 low-energy apartments in three buildings, with the majority of 2+kk and 3+kk layouts.
Small-sized 1+kk with the possibility of building a partition to separate the sleeping space or spacious 4+kk and 5+kk on the highest floors are also attractive. Taller windows ensure sufficient lighting in the apartments, and a spacious balcony with practical glazing will serve for comfortable outdoor seating even in colder weather. The apartments on the first floor above ground have their own front gardens.

Sustainable housing

Low energy technologies
BREEAM certification at VERY GOOD level
The Kolbenova metro station is a 3-minute walk away
Choice interior equipment
Smart Home as standard
Underground garage parking with preparation for electromobility
Accumulation of rainwater for watering
Blue-green infrastructure


low energy

The interior design of the new apartments is thoughtful and modern with an emphasis on practicality and efficient use of space. The high-quality standard of living is confirmed by the choice of equipment accessories such as elegant higher interior doors, three-layer floating floors or high-quality chrome sanitary equipment. Here you will have the Skanska Smart Home system, which increases the comfort and safety of your home. The entrance security door also ensures a peaceful night's sleep.

The smaller apartments are designed for individuals and couples, but the house has a large selection of apartments for families with multiple bedrooms and plenty of space for children.

Project development milestones

Sale start

April 2024

Construction start

December 2024

Shell & Core

December 2025

Inner Plaster

April 2026


winter 2027

Move-in date

spring 2027

Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of Emil Kolben District, Kamila - Albína and Marie buildings, to get a better understanding of your new home.

Kamila, Albína
and Marie

All apartment buildings bear the name of important members of the Emil Kolben family. In 2019, the construction of the first stage of the project was completed with the Greta (daughter), Lily (daughter) and Malvína (wife) apartment buildings, followed by the Jindřich (grandson), Hanuš (son) houses and the Alfred (brother) building.

Now it's the turn of the sister trio Kamila, Albín and Marie. But the names of the apartment buildings are far from the only reference to the famous history, you can also find reminders in the design elements in the common areas and the orientation navigation system.

Čtvrť Emila Kolbena - bytové domy Kamila, Albína a Marie

New Vysočany

Vibrant industrial activity is already a thing of the past in Vysočany. However, the well-accessible location did not go unnoticed, so where factory halls once stood, new apartment buildings are now being built. Many people have found their liking in the vicinity of the Rokytka river, and the location is becoming a popular place to live. Nové Vysočany is born here - according to the spatial plan of Prague, this area will undergo an incredible transformation.

A modern city center with all infrastructure and civic amenities is being created here, which will sensitively follow the historical traces of the industrial past and will project this unique "genius loci" into its atmosphere.

Emil Kolben Columns

Sloup Emila Kolbena ve čtvrti Emila Kolbena - Rezistor
Sloup Emila Kolbena ve čtvrti Emila Kolbena - Anténa

Across the whole district you will find the artistically rendered "Emil Kolben Columns" designed by the LAND05 studio in collaboration with the sculptor Matěj Hájek. The distinctive sculptures Resistor and Antenna are already located in the public space, Potentiometer will be added in the future and Transformer on the corner of Kolbenova street. These four realizations refer to different stages of the famous innovator's work.

Sculpture can carry a function. It can be a game element, it can be a lookout tower. A pavilion or gazebo can be a sculpture. In any case, they are part of a specific environment, a space that they imprint with uniqueness and identity.
Matěj Hájek, Czech sculptor and author of Emil Kolben's columns

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