A healthy home

and health come first

This project involves a number of green and blue technologies and components as part of its BREEAM certification, such as ‘furrows’ on the grounds and accumulation tanks underground to help retain rainwater on site, which can then be used to water the grass and plants around the houses. 

The buildings are 32% more energy-efficient than required under current legislation.
They are designed to a low-energy standard with a building energy performance certificate B – very efficient and also meet BREEAM international certification requirements.


The privilege of a sustainable and healthy home from Skanska

The construction industry has a major impact on the environment. If we want to maintain ecosystems and life as we know it today for future generations, our children and grandchildren and beyond, we have to invest in new, sustainable construction methods.
BREEAM international certification motivates us to design and build new housing that promotes the health of residents, neighbors and the planet.

Sustainable solutions, certifications
and technologies
used in the project

Water as a valuable commodity

  • Water-saving sink, shower and bath taps and dual-flushing toilets decrease water consumption by 25%.
  • Water for the lawns comes from rainwater retention tanks.
  • A system of polders retains rainwater and lets it naturally absorb into the ground.

Heat and energy

  • The apartment buildings qualify as “nearly zero-energy,” with energy consumption in PENB B, with energy demands 32% lower than required under existing legislation.
  • Energy-saving lighting in the common areas in the buildings as well as outside

Fresh air

  • Central vacuum ventilation controlled by shared roof ventilators sends apartments fresh air and removes pollutants.
  • Local trees will help cool and clean the air in the summer months especially.

Nontoxic materials

  • The apartment buildings are made with EPD-certified materials (Environmental Product Declaration).
  • All wooden materials have FSC or PEFC certification proving that they were acquired responsibly.

Efficient waste management

The waste collection point will have the standard recycling containers as well as one for biowaste.


  • Besides the original plant species in this location, we also plan to incorporate older varieties of fruit trees, which tend to be more resistant to fluctuations in weather.
  • Biodiversity on site will also extend to habitats for insects, small vertebrates, and amphibians: insect hotels, walls for lizards, bee hotels, and boxes for birds and bats.


  • The buildings also have inside facilities for washing bikes and strollers, although they can also be used to rinse off pets after coming back from muddy walks.
  • Bike racks will be available outside.
  • The parking area will also have reserved space for carsharing.