for natural resources

A company that cares about culture knows how to handle resources efficiently and respectfully, creating a space where people will be happy to live for generations to come. We only have one planet, one source of materials and energy. And it’s up to us how we treat it and how we pass it on to our children.

Libčice nad Vltavou. Just a few kilometers from Prague, a 20-minute train ride away, lies a lovely town that has managed to preserve its natural beauty, unique atmosphere and local history. Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and live in a quiet area surrounded by green spaces? Our new residential project, Park Cihelka, might be the place for you.

As humans we are not outside the ecosystem; we are part of it. That is why respect for people and the environment forms a core part of our approach, as it brings an extra value to housing culture in our country.

Sustainable housing

We naturally incorporate elements into our projects to make them more sustainable and more pleasant in many respects. We are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve, including looking outside the Czech Republic and bringing the best processes back home. We also get Czech experts involved, patent new ideas and pass our experience on to others.

At its most simple, respect for resources means reducing consumption and recycling. We do both in order to reduce our impact on the environment, improve the spaces around us, and save residents money at the same time.

What does that mean exactly?

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable concrete

Rebetong, 100% recyclable concrete developed by ERC-Tech and Skanska, uses processed construction rubble instead of natural stone. It can even process brick rubble, a recyclable that has been underutilized in construction until now.


CO2 savings with Rebetong instead of standard concrete


natural stone savings with crushed construction rubble in Rebetong

From our studies

What do you picture when you hear the phrase “sustainable housing”? A total of 504 respondents gave us their answers to this question in June 2020.




plenty of greenery


healthy housing


Life between buildings

Home is not just about living in an apartment. Equally important is the diverse and natural life outside, where we can be among people, find worthwhile leisure activities and have something to look at.

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Respect in the neighborhood

Each place has its own history, qualities and unique feel. Its own story. New developments should build on those things, blend into the area where they are built, and respect the people who already have an established relationship with that place.

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Lasting value

Good quality architecture can be extravagant, but only where it serves a higher purpose. Investing more up front in acquisition costs ultimately reduces operating costs. Good architecture is not afraid to choose high-quality materials even in places that are not so visible, preferring a higher standard of design.

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We are here for the frugal, who prefer to waste smiles rather than natural resources.