Proud to be
from Modřany

Modřanský cukrovar

The abandoned Modřany sugar refinery is transforming into a residential area bursting at the seams with life.

The new development will center around a piazza lined with plane trees, bistros, shops and coffeeshops. It bustles with local residents passing through the refreshing mist from the fountains on their way to the park and then the river.

In the past the Modřany sugar refinery acted as an identifying point for Modřany and Prague cityscapes on the south bank of the Vltava. Architects from Chybík+Krištof chose to build on that tradition in their designs. Rising toward the center of the development, the silhouette was inspired by the original outline of the filtration tower, production hall with a mansard roof, and the cooling tower chimney.

Why not take a shortcut right across the river? The P6 boat takes you from one bank in Modřany to the other in Lahovičky in just two minutes.

The history of Modřany

They say Modřany was named for a blue floodplain flower, the hyacinth. Historians say the name more likely comes from a statue of the Slavic goddess Morana that once stood on a burial ground here.

Modřany dates back to the 11th century, remaining a sleepy country village until the 19th century. The river was always a central part of village life as an important avenue of transport. 

In 1861 a sugar refinery opened on the banks of the Vltava, playing its own role in the area for the next 140 years. Today only remnants remain: the chimney and sugar loaf in the coat of arms for Prague 12.

The Vltava remains a busy waterway to this day. Formerly a major shipping lane, today the Vltava provides a recreation outlet for Prague residents. Kayaks and motorboats pass each other on the water, fishermen wait quietly to get a bite, and swimmers cool off on a hot summer’s day.

From tiny settlement
to center of industry

Although the river played a large part in village life, Modřany also prospered over the past 150 years due to growing industrial development. In 1861 the sugar refinery opened, with its distinctive chimney that still stands today as an identifying feature for the area.
 The Orion chocolate factory and many other well-known companies contributed to the renown of Modřany.

Modřany was absorbed into the city of Prague in 1961 and now has about 30,000 residents and counting.
Modřany is a popular residential area with a great deal of potential for development and excellent transport connections. Catch a tram, bus or direct train connection straight to downtown Prague for work, culture or entertainment.
Modřany provides a solid base and great starting point for heading out to the bustling city center or the quiet countryside.

A home is more
than m2

People of all ages hit the restored bike paths on both sides of the river. Skate all the way to Žluté lázně in Prague, or if you’d rather head out of the city, the bike path will take you to the town of Vrané nad Vltavou.

The development project involves revitalizing the riverside area, adding new elements like steps down to the water, open grassy areas and public grills. Plans include extending the current bike path to make it wider, safer and more pleasant to use.

Enjoy a cool drink or tasty meal in one of the local restaurants or summertime outdoor dining spots that have popped up along the waterfront in recent years. The Hodkovičky Golf Resort is within easy reach, as are places to play beach volleyball and rent paddleboats or sports equipment.

We draw inspiration from the past, but we do not try to go backwards. This location calls for a modern, sustainable residential development to bring the area back to life. At the same time, however, it allows us to work with local history and keep a number of elements such as the distinctive brick chimney. That and the river itself will attract the attention they deserve.
Petr Dušta, project manager, Skanska Reality