Good quality architecture can afford to be extravagant, but only where it serves a higher purpose! Investing more up front in acquisition costs ultimately reduces operating costs. Good architecture is not afraid to choose high-quality materials even in places that are not so visible, investing in natural materials that are not harmful to our health and the spaces between the buildings, which make up an important aspect of our homes.

If a space is well designed, you don’t even notice it. You only see it after 10 or 20 years.
Martin Frei

Indoor area at the Gemma Residence in Chodovec, Prague. Wide staircases and hallways provide plenty of space and natural light. 

The art of aging

While time will leave its mark on any building, upkeep does not have to be difficult if the structure is well-built from the outset. The art of extravagance gives buildings the opportunity to age without losing their value, thus becoming spaces not only for our generation, but for those to come.

The art of extravagance

The word extravagant usually has negative connotations in connection with housing, but extravagant building can actually have a positive impact on what it is like to live there. Imagine if the builders didn’t cut corners to save money, but were able to use high-quality, non-toxic, locally sourced materials. Imagine if they didn’t save every square meter to benefit the developer, but allowed more space for residents. Where space allows, things are larger, higher and longer than strictly necessary. Higher ceilings, lighting in dark corners, wider stairways and hallways for ease of movement, large and sunlit outdoor areas between buildings where space is put to extravagant use for grass and trees instead of asphalt. In short, places that help cultivate housing culture.

Milíčovský háj, one of our older residential projects. High-quality architecture and construction make this project interesting even many years later. 

We are here for people who know how important it is for architecture to age well.                

The lasting value of housing from Skanska

We enjoy making our projects extravagant in all the right places. Our interiors use healthy materials with zero or less than the permitted levels of toxic substances, construction materials with recycled contents, certified wood from verified sources, and local materials. We build you an environment where you can make a healthy household with plenty of space, light, heat and fresh air.

Healthy environment certified by BREEAM

Investing in health always pays off. That is why we invest in trusted materials, check toxicity levels, and request certificates of composition from our contractors, all of which are not standard practice elsewhere on the Czech market. In our apartments you will find only trusted, healthy materials. We have seen that the prestigious international sustainable building certification BREEAM has a strong positive impact on the health of residents, neighbors and the planet. That is why we design all our projects in line with BREEAM certification.

We care about the people who move into our buildings, so we do all we can to make sure our apartments serve their owners as well and as long as possible.

Model smart apartment

Smart solutions, smart household. Apartment at Port Karolína connected to smart home components. 

Smart solutions

You can find a number of useful technologies both inside and outside our homes. We design our buildings and apartments for connecting to smart home components to save time, money and energy. “Smart” solutions for us also include simple things like spacious terraces and balconies where you can dry your laundry outside instead of running an energy hog like the dryer.

Skanska homes will delight smart home enthusiasts. 

From our studies

The coronavirus epidemic has added an important function to our homes: they have become our places of work as well. A Skanska and Ipsos study from December 2020 indicates that 40% of Czechs enjoy working from home so much that they plan to do so more often in the future as well. While 29% of men have a separate office space, only 17% of women can say the same. Women are twice as likely to work at the dining table. One in 10 Czechs can do their work from the couch or even in bed.


of Czechs are currently working from home


work from their dining table


work from bed

The ideal spot for working from home would be a quiet place with a desk and good office chair. The architects on our current projects are already designing appropriate work spaces with plenty of room, light, electricity, data and fresh air.

The city influences us as much as we influence it. If we care about ourselves and our loved ones, then we also care about our home, our city, our country and our planet.
A city for everyone


Life between buildings

Home is not just about living in an apartment. Equally important is the diverse and natural life outside, where we can be among people, find worthwhile leisure activities and have something to look at.

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Respect in the neighborhood

Each place has its own history, qualities and unique feel. Its own story. New developments should build on those things, blend into the area where they are built, and respect the people who already have an established relationship with that place.

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Respect for natural resources

A respectful society can manage resources efficiently and sustainably, thus creating a space where future generations will be able to live happily and for a long time. Thoughtful use of natural resources, recycling, new technologies and care for biodiversity represent the future of our homes and residential construction.

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We are here for those for whom living is not just about sleeping.