Port Karolína

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in Karlín

The fourth and final stage will conclude a successful project in Karlín, Prague. The residential area on the banks of the Vltava River will thus acquire its final appearance, including a relaxation courtyard with a water cascade.

and health come first

The apartment building is prepared according to the international methodology BREEAM, which assesses the impact of the project on the environment and its overall sustainability. It thus has a whole range of technological solutions that will save future owners a significant part of energy and water costs.

In the Port Karolína 4 project, we save water in several places. Households save a considerable amount of drinking water thanks to a combination of energy-saving fittings such as dual flushers, energy-saving washbasin faucets and shower heads.

Accumulated rainwater drained from the roof will be used to water the greenery around the house, on the front gardens and terraces. This brings further ecological and economic savings, and rainwater is also much more suitable for plants due to its chemical composition.

Milestones of the project

Sales start

June 2019

Construction start

January 2020

Shell & Core

May 2021

Inner plaster

August 2021


spring 2022

Move in date

summer 2022

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Karlín – where it lives

This formerly overlooked industrial area on the edge of Prague, known for the former barracks for military veterans and the first Prague gasworks, is quickly transforming into a showcase for contemporary world-class architecture thanks to new building projects. Top companies from the Czech Republic and around the world are moving into renovated industrial spaces, while shabby old corner shops are giving way to trendy bistros and coffee shops. Karlin is coming into its own and can rightfully be called one of the most coveted addresses in the city.


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