Albatros Kbely 3

For those who are not looking for only four walls

The successful project continues with the third stage. Even these two houses, named after the aeronautical alphabet Juliett and India, offer housing with an emphasis on sustainability and public space. Right behind them one of the parks will grow, on the other hand, a new kindergarten will open before moving in. This will keep parents of young children within reach, without worrying about busy roads.


The visualizations below are only illustrative and show not only possible standards, but also possible client changes.

and health come first

We designed the Juliett and India apartment buildings
96 homes of quality dispositions, meeting the strict
conditions of international quality and sustainable certification

In accordance with the BREEAM certification, the project is interwoven with a number of elements and technologies of the blue-green infrastructure. The streets are lined with trees, between the houses there is a park lawn with a flowery meadow. To support biodiversity, we install beetles, shelters for bumblebees and walls for amphibians.

Not only the quality of the houses is important, but also the public space - so that there is a place to play, discover and relax. Terrain gaps between houses support the gradual infiltration of water. They help grow greenery and create a pleasant microclimate.

Milestones of the project

Sale start

March 2022

Construction start

30th of September 2022

Shell & Core

August 2023

Inner plaster

December 2023


October 2024

Move in date

February 2025

Virtual reality

Walk through the whole apartment with our virtual tour to get a better idea of how your dream home might look.

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The art of living
in the right spot

This quiet area at the northeast edge of Prague was originally outside city limits, and it shows. Today, however, it also offers all the advantages of the big city: transport options, shopping centers, and sports facilities all within reach. Kbely is the place where the first Czech aviation engineers saw their wildest dreams come true. Make your dreams come true here too!

Juliett and India.

Living in a place
that tells stories.

The legendary L-39 Albatros training aircraft, located in the nearby hangar of the Kbely Aviation Museum, became the inspiration for the name and future identity of this multi-stage project.
Public space and individual apartment buildings also refer to the topic related to aviation. To name the houses, we were inspired by the international spelling alphabet, which is used in aviation.


cvičný letoun

Introduction of the project
Albatros Kbely

Advantageous financing

In order to support young families, we enable clients to defer mortgage payments until after approval by means of our own financing through HypoSka. The client thus gets more than an extra year, when he can save a considerable part of the cash by saving interest on the drawn loan, and he will start repaying the mortgage shortly before he moves into a new home.


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