Modřanský cukrovar 2

Unique architecture.

Natural resources. 
Smart home. Art.
Design and comfort.

Top energy consumption label: PENB A 
Townhouse, loft
One to five bedroom apartments
Vibrant square, shops and services
Boaters and boatyards
Production of own energy
Blue-green infrastructure
Statues and artists
Playgrounds, parks, gardens
BREEAM and sustainability
Recycled 'grey' water

When experts from Skanska join forces with the renowned architects from CHYBIK + KRISTOF ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS studio, a modern 21st-century housing district without compromising on the challenges of the coming decades can be created. New homes in Modřanský cukrovar have a whole plethora of traditional and extra benefits. Some of them can also be found in our other development projects.

Look for real savings

Up to 44% more energy-efficient apartments. 
And now with more favourable purchase conditions.

Project classification label - Modřanský cukrovar, building C

You have an option to select your new home from a wide range of apartment layouts starting with investment, typically one or two-bedroom flats whose windows offer views not only of the river, the courtyard and the future square with many cafes, shops and services, but also of the poetic old Modřany. The green area between the apartment buildings and the road on the new Komořanska street is more than 30 metres wide and provides a pleasant distance from the hustle and bustle of the street. Larger, two to four bedroom apartments, have unique views of the Vltava River and the opposite Chuchle, which will remain a natural location in the future. Spacious terraces, loggias and wide balconies will allow for a comfortable stay outdoors during sunny days. The green roofs of the apartment buildings are adjacent to private terraces, but there is also a shared community terrace and thoughtful public spaces.

The high standard of living in the second courtyard of Modřanský cukrovar is underlined by large windows with a lowered sill, taller frameless doors, premium furnishings, hot water underfloor heating on which design vinyl slats with a rigid mineral core are set, as well as the distinctive design of Maxim Velčovský's paving. A smart video phone and smart home technology will be a practical help to your new home.

This is a special project and we all promised from the beginning not to compromise on looking for solutions. We are creating an environment that provides a good place to live and that will also grow and mature over time like good wine. We want the place to become a point of pride for every resident of Modřanský cukrovar as well as every resident of or visitor to Prague and the Czech Republic. Because public spaces can bring joy to people and minimize harm to the planet.
Ferdinand Leffler, garden architect and founder of Flera, who is in charge of designing public spaces at Modřanský cukrovar.
Ferdinand Leffler, garden architect and founder of Flera


All published visualisations are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the final form of the project in layout, arrangement, colour, appearance, interior or exterior furnishings, or materials used.

Townhouse, Modřanský cukrovar, Skanska Residential

High apartment

You name it.

In Modřanský cukrovar we exclusively offer modern lofts with a front garden with a terrace, to which a private entrance leads from the courtyard.

The two-storey extension in the airy space, which is connected to the metal staircase, is ready to accommodate a bedroom, home office, reading corner, game kingdom - but, primarily, some privacy and uniqueness. The townhouse has extra storage space at the top of the entry foyer. 

Retail Park Modřanský cukrovar, Skanska Residential

Commercial premises for your business in Modřanský Cukrovar

Up to 5,000 m2 of commercial space for shops, services, bistros and restaurants will be created in the ground floor of the apartment buildings on Komořanská Street and on the square, where architecturally distinctive buildings with premium apartments will be built.

There will also be a family brewery, a kindergarten, a supermarket, as well as small shops and service spaces. A new urban district is being created here.

Find a place for your successful business in the sustainable offices and business units of Modřanský Cukrovar.
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Project milestones

Sale start

June 2023

Construction start

December 2023

Shell & Core

winter 2024

Inner plaster

summer 2025


winter 2025

Move in date

spring 2026

Virtual reality

Take a virtual tour of your new home at Modřanský cukrovar.

Rich history of Modřany

According to folk tales, Modřany was named for a blue floodplain flower. Historians say the name more likely comes from a statue of the Slavic goddess Morana that once stood on a burial ground here. What we do know for certain is that during the 19th century Modřany transformed from an agricultural village south of Prague to an important industrial centre. The river always played a vital role in Modřany life as a major means of transport. In 1861 a sugar refinery opened on the banks of that river, playing its own role in the area for the next 140 years.
Today only remnants remain: the chimney and sugar loaf in the coat of arms for Prague 12.

Introducing Modřanský cukrovar

Modřanský cukrovar is a residential area with three main components: aesthetics, sustainability, and advanced technology. It features blue-green infrastructure, solar panels, green roofs, and a spectrum of technologies to help households significantly lower their operating costs. All this comes with the bonus feature of the neighboring river, which you can see from almost every window. I believe we are creating a place that will become a new touchstone and point of pride for our city.
Petr Dušta, Project Manager, Skanska Residential


All published visualizations are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the final design in layout, placement, color, appearance, interior or exterior furnishings, or materials used.

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