Park Cihelka

for real life

The last available apartment for those looking for a new home, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, but close to its centre. The Cihelka Park in the picturesque town of Libčice nad Vltavou is ready to move in.

How to finance your own home
in Park Cihelka?

Real estate prices are steadily rising, following the growing trend of real estate in western part of Europe. If you are financing your apartment with your own financial resources, then you are clear about this - well-invested money does not lose value even in times of rising inflation. But what if you need the financial help of a banking house?

Rising mortgage rates should be an important, yet not the only, criterion when negotiating a mortgage loan to buy your own home. Let us introduce you to a variety of options that a HypoSka mortgage broker can model for you. By running a very thorough analysis, together you will identify the most advantageous option, thanks to which you can save hundreds of thousands of crowns during the repayment period.


The visualizations below are only illustrative and show not only possible standards, but also possible client changes.

A healthy lifestyle begins outdoors

If you are a passionate cyclist and live near the Prague cycle route marked A2 - Vltavská pravobřežní, you have fun. You can cross it from the left-bank Libčice every day, every 30 minutes, by one of the oldest ferries in our country, the one from Libčice. The Vltava cycle route leads from the source of the Vltava, from Prague from Zbraslav, through Braník, Letná to Stromovka and Troja, further to Klecany, Vodochod, Dolánek, through Máslovice to Kralupy to the confluence with the Mělník and Elbe rivers.

You can also plan a ride using this map.

Milestones of the project

Sale start

November 2020

Construction start

June 2021

Shell & Core

April 2022

Inner plaster

June 2022


April 2023

Move in date

May 2023

Virtual reality

Walk through the whole apartment with our virtual tour to get a better idea of how your dream home might look.

Choose your apartment

with many benefits

Barrier-free elevator, quality materials in the standard equipment of the apartments, carriage house and bicycle shed with a shower for washing bicycles, prams or showering dogs.
The final look of your new home depends only on your style.

The art of living
in the right spot

The Vltava River, an important link between towns and cities from the south to Central Bohemia, created green meanders, bays and rocky slopes on its way between Prague and Mělník.
Somewhere in the middle of this road, the relief of Větrušické ravines, a protected nature reserve, which overlooks the small town of Libčice nad Vltavou from the opposite bank.

For a good living

The key to new living is also the key to all the common spaces that will be created for you in Park Cihelka. You grow your own herbs or vegetables for soup in the community flower beds near the house. You can have a good drink with the neighbors in the common garden under the windows.

Gardeners will appreciate the rainwater from their own storage tank, which they will use for watering the front garden and common flower beds. We will also make sure that your children can play like in your childhood - together on the playground at home.

Meet the new residential area in Libčice nad Vltavou


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